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On Sunday morning, 7am, we shall embark on a long and treacherous journey to Thailand, kingdom of elephants and tasty street food. Cambodia, but better and richer.

We’ll be gone for three weeks, and I’ll be updating you on our travels, giving reviews, tips and information to help any other adventurer set on taking up this very same challenge to prove their holiday spirit is the strongest!

We’ll be going by coach to Battambang, spending three days getting our strength back in a hotel before continuing our journey, taking the coach to the border between our nation, and the next. Thailand. After passing over the border, we shall take a bus to Bangkok, and enjoy all that it can offer in three short days, spending two nights in a hotel. From there, we will take an overnight train to Chiang Mai, and spend the remaining two weeks by the sweet waters of the pool at Juniper Hotel, refreshing ourselves before flying┬áhome!


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