Bangkok Day 3

We had breakfast in our rooms, since we didn’t have to leave until noon, and in all honesty I didn’t want to leave the Mile High Club hotel – it was clean, homely, very well eqipped and comfortable. Plus, the flashy shopping centers and giant expensive hotels were awesome to look at.

We spent the day wandering the streets, but not on purpose. A word of advise to anyone visiting Bangkok – always take a taxi. Never use the tuk-tuks, as unlike Cambodia, they are just for tourists, so they’re smaller and far more expensive than taxis. And when using a taxi, make sure they use their meter, or they can overcharge to ridiculous extents.

We also added a boat trip to the transport mix, seeing the Royal Palace and various other important places.


We booked a sleeper train quite cheaply, about $27 for each adult, and the train itself was happily quite hygenic, cool and had wide beds.

image  image imageimage


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