On the Sunday Markets

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For the two Sundays we’ve been here, my family and I went to the Sunday Walking market, where a part of the city is sectioned off from vehicles  for a large market selling food, clothes, craft items and accessories of every kind, many handmade.

We went from around 4 to 6 both times and enjoyed ourselves throughly, though it’s a good idea to keep an eyes on all members of your party as the market is busy and generally quite full, which makes for a pleasant buzzing atmosphere that is easy to get lost in.

Prices are not always labelled and as always, haggling is often put into practice as the market is geared primarily towards tourists, and while most of the food sold is Thai, there is always a Western alternative to  be found. The waffles and fried chicken are particularly good.

Taxis in Chiang Mai are mostly tuk-tuks or red vans that look a little like small, old-fashioned fire engines. They too are expecting tourists and charge heavily, so make sure you have time to walk home before dark if you’d rather not pay 7 dollars, compared to the 3 dollars charged in Bangkok. However, for the individual,  taxis can be considered cheap as they charge 50 baht per person.



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