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  • Insect and Natural Wonders Museum

    After a little while searching, Matthew, my dad and I found a small, tucked-away house that had been converted into an insect museum. My overflowing excitement at the trip could barely be contained and I was not disappointed. The museum contains the life’s work of an elderly couple who still own  and possibly live in […]

  • On the Sunday Markets

      For the two Sundays we’ve been here, my family and I went to the Sunday Walking market, where a part of the city is sectioned off from vehicles  for a large market selling food, clothes, craft items and accessories of every kind, many handmade. We went from around 4 to 6 both times and […]

  • The Juniper Tree

    In complete contrast to the busy streets of Bangkok, The Juniper Tree is a haven of lush greenery. View from our bedroom Delicious food is provided in the dining room 3 times a day and we are staying in a large wooden house in the beautifully tended gardens close to the pool. We hope to […]

  • Snake Handling

    Today we visited Bangkok’s Snake Farm, one of only two in the world. They study all of Thailand’s 160 species of snake, milking venomous ones to assist in the production of of antidotes, and educating visitors about the many positive aspects of snakes (ie that most snakes hunt things we don’t like, such as rats).

  • String and Rope Emporium

    Whilst exploring the back streets of Bangkok (not lost, honest!) we happened across this amazing little shop selling every kind of twine, string, rope and hawser. I bought half a kilo of 4mm green nylon cord to practise some knotting on the overnight train.

  • Bats vs Babies

  • Bangkok Day 3

    We had breakfast in our rooms, since we didn’t have to leave until noon, and in all honesty I didn’t want to leave the Mile High Club hotel – it was clean, homely, very well eqipped and comfortable. Plus, the flashy shopping centers and giant expensive hotels were awesome to look at. We spent the […]

  • Bangkok day 2

    Delicious breakfast in hotel, sausage & bacon etc. Next we took a walk in Lumpini Park, which had actual grass you could walk on. And a busking masseur… We then visited the Bangkok Snake Farm, where we each handled a huge python. In the afternoon we visited the enormous Siam Paragon, one of the largest […]

  • Bangkok Day 1

    The coach was mostly our own on the way to Bangkok from the Thai border, and while the ride was predictably long, it was aircondictioned and smooth. The driver was sensible and to our later delight, dropped us off on the same street as our hotel, the Mile High Club, which had a distinct theme […]

  • The first step

    Today, Sunday 21st, we set out on our journey to Thailand. The bus journey was meant to be six hours long, but due to typical reckless Cambodian driving, it was only five hours with a pleasant ten minute stop at a restaurant and shop with clean bathrooms. On arrival in Battambang, our tuktuk driver snatched […]