Kampot Trip

We have just returned from our 5 day trip to the fresh air and wide open spaces of Kampot.

2014-09-27 12.59.14In our home in Phnom Penh the whole family were feeling a bit enclosed due to the relatively narrow streets and over use of concrete so we decided to go for a short holiday to reduce the stress that had been steadily building over the months stuck in a capital city.

As usual Mum prepared bookings and other things of that ilk to ensure we didn’t end up trying to go to Switzerland in four months time; consequently we were ready and packed to go a few days later just in time for our week of school holiday.

2014-09-24 07.17.28Before going to Kampot we agreed that we were going to relax, there would be no strenuous activities, lots of swimming and, sadly for almost everyone, no electronics.

We stayed at the fledgling Two Moons Hotel which, with its clean rooms and peaceful pool, was a haven of peace compared to the busy and dusty streets of Phnom Penh.

Love the Lord your God

Every September HOPE have FLAG Week. There are no actual flags – it means “Forever Learning About God”.

Each morning there’s an extended one hour devotion with a guest speaker, then a quiet time for the students to reflect on what they’ve heard.

This year’s key verse is “Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, Mind and Soul”. There’s also an art competition where artistic students have a chance to express the verse visually.

Lauren painted this representation of the verse – and won first place! Well done.