New school, new gecko

Today we rolled up our sleeves, shifted tables & chairs, swept floors and generally started getting the new school ship-shape. Or school-shape.

During the festivities we found a takoy gecko. They eat mosquitos and cockroaches, so after we explained to him how many of each we could offer at Chez Kershaw, he was more than willing to accompany us home.

He’s nocturnal, so is currently biding his time waiting for night so he can begin hunting…

2015-02-26 15.11.55

The Duerdens are here!

Safe arrivals

Margaret and David arrived from England late on Friday evening.

They’ve been up to see the new school building (site), down to the market and out to the off licence!

Cath's mum looking lovely.
Cath’s mum enjoying the greenery¬†(of our neighbours house – our foliage is decidedly yellow).
2015-02-21 16.27.37
David gets the beers in.


Chamkar Pring Amusements

We visited Chamkar Pring and rode the ‘very exciting’ roller coaster and big yellow spinny-swingy-thingy. Both had safety restraints, neither worked.

Tom and Matt on the dodgems at Chamkar Pring.
Tom and Matt on the dodgems at Chamkar Pring.
David & Margaret's first ride in a Cambodian tuk-tuk.
David & Margaret’s first ride in a Cambodian tuk-tuk.


Feed and clothe the poor

Village church in Baray
Tom with a day-old duckling
Youngsters at play in their ‘living room’.
Tom getting to know the locals.

Today we took buckets of rice, bottles of fish sauce and gifts of clothing to some of the poorest villagers in Baray, about 100km north of PhnomPenh.

In one of the houses our children played with day-old ducklings, alongside Khmer children; boundaries of culture and language melted away as all squealed with delight. Another mother we talked with (through an interpreter) proudly showed us their church, a peeling wooden shack. We chatted with her in a lean-to barn amongst her animals, only to discover that the ‘barn’ was her home, and she was saving up to buy some walls.

Meals without Mums

With Mrs Kershaw off with the elephants in Mondulkiri, and Matt and Lauren safely away with their year groups (Koh Kong and Rabbit Island) Tom is stuck eating ‘Daddy Food’…*

Tonight’s ensemble began with shitaki mushrooms fried with spring onions, followed by cauliflower & cabbage in a cheeseless** cheese sauce, sweet corn daubed with (peanut) butter and poppadums.

Good thing we’re both heading to our village ‘home stay’ camp in Baray tomorrow.

  • Tom’s suggestion was custard with Spam…

** autocorrect suggested cheerless…