A Sunday without a Monday

During the maelstrom of lesson prep, grading and report writing that is term time, Sundays provide a welcome respite. Time to put away the work of the week and focus on more important things. 

But as the sun begins its descent and the shadows lengthen, thoughts turn inevitably to tomorrow’s timetable, and what we’re teaching year seven.

Except on those blessed, delightful though infrequent afternoons when we glance grudgingly at the four o’clock, only to realise, “It’s a Sunday without a Monday! Huzzah!”

No school tomorrow 🙂 


Pizza NZ

Having spent two hours last night failing to order pizza delivery for Cath’s birthday last night, we were immensely happy to notice this new banner, 100m from our house, for ‘opening soon’ Pizza NZ, across from the park on street E.

 It ‘s a two-person team: Dimey looks after the customers whilst mum Maly makes mozzarella magic in the kitchen. Maly learnt her pizza-making in New Zealand, hence the name. Grand opening Monday – see you there!